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[ The GrafX Gallery: Icons & More ]

[ Founded by ladysunstorm // November, 2004 ]
[ Moderators: ladysunstorm // teoptnelis ]

[ about ]
The GrafX Gallery is a community for ladysunstorm & teoptnelis to post their creations. Graphics that will be uploaded include: icons / avatars / signatures / wallpapers / blends. You are allowed to join the community, however posting privillages will not be given. Feel free to Friend and Watch. We will gladly friend you back. Requests are also accepted.

Resources: Credited users and websites for brushes and textures used.

[ rules ]

+ general +
Do Not Steal Graphics And Claim Them As Yours. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.
No Hotlinking (ie: linking to the image url). Save The Graphics To Your Harddrive.

+ taking icons for journal use +
Please Download Icons To Your Harddrive. Hotlinking WILL NOT Be Tolerated.
Please Credit ladysunstorm In Picture Keywords Or Comments.
Please Comment When Saving An Icon.

+ making requests +
Make Your Requests Here.
In Your Request, Please Inculde This Filled Out Form:

Type: (icon, wallpaper, avatar, signature... etc)
Resolution: (100x100, 300X400, You Choose For Me, etc)
Images: <URLs To Pics You Want, or Pick For Me, etc) Color(s): (What Color Scheeme Would You Like?) Details: (Please Be As Detailed As Possible In Describing What Ever Else You Want!) When Your Request Is Finished, It Will Be Posted In The Community.